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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to ACE SAT? How to get a Good Score? What is a good SAT Score?

How to Ace SAT?

A Question that has plagued many a student without success, if someone knew the perfect answer to that question he would be very rich indeed, but we can come close to that answer with a few simple practices that we need to follow even a couple of months before the SAT , SAT 2, or even 3 or 4 weeks away from SAT Exams.

All you need to do is Work smartly, study the important topics well and the not so important topics will themselves become easy for you, do not worry I know this to be true, I have gone through the whole SAT Experience.

So How to get a Good Score in SAT?

The same answer as above goes well even for this question too.

 What is a good SAT Score?

Any SAT Score above 2000 is considered an excellent score and well above average for any person living in the USA.

Around a 1500 in SAT would be considered as pretty much average and not so great of a SAT score.

Anything below 800 would be, well Really bad.

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