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Saturday, April 30, 2011

AIEEE 2011 Exam Paper Leaked And Postponed By Three Hours 1st May

THe AIEEE Exam for 2011 was postponed due to a set of papers being leaked, students are advised to contact their centers for further Information regarding the postponement.A second set of papers are being awaited at all the centers, after the first set was probably leaked.Information about the online examinations are yet to be received.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

CET Karnataka Results 2011 Out Online|Check 2011 CETK Results now

The CETK or Common Entrance Test Karnataka or KCET Exam results -

Check your  2011 CETK Results now, Subject wise results also available.Just enter your CET K Roll Numbe and receive your Results -

CET Karnataka Results 2011 -

First name:

Last name:

Also Recommended Watching for Physics Students -

Results will be available as soon as it is released on 30th May.

Karnataka CET KCET 2011 Solutions Answer Keys Physics Chemistry Maths

The CET or Common Entrance Test Karnataka will given out by the KCET Board on 4th of April.The Solutions or Answer  Keys will be for All the four subjects, Physics Chemistry and Mathematics as well as the optional Biology Examinations.

Mean While, For those interested in Physics Fundamental Particles and Bosons, "The God Particle" -
Very Informative and Educative -



Friday, April 22, 2011

How to concentrate to Study better well for long hours time?

You guys may have had trouble in concentrating for long hours while studying for important exams, this will definitely affect you in an adverse way and you may result in low marks or grades in your exams.You need to overcome this and concentrate hard to do well in exams, so what can you do about it?How to concentrate while studying for long hours?How to be able to sit in front of your books for a long period of time?You need helo with these study topics as you need to do well in whatever exam it may be that you are taking up.

So How to concentrate to Study better?

1)Study in short intervals of time, may be like 30 minutes to 45 minutes.Then take a small break of 15 minutes, do what you like during that time, watch TV, Play Music and play games.

2)Play each day and get exercise for at least 1 hour a day to get your body in order as well as keep your mind fresh.

3)Take deep breathes while you feel bored while reading and continue reading.

4)Writ while reading something, write all the important points, this will keep you up and interested for longer.

5)Relate to things you like.Relate whatever you are studying to the things that you lie to do and you will study better with concentration for longer.

Hope these tips helped you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fees and Financial Aid for studying College in USA Under Graduate Courses

The brilliant news that you would like to hear is that each year international students get a great amount of financial assistance or finanacial aid  towards their studies in the USA or the United States Of America.There had been a recent concensus performed by the governement for Education in the USA and it was found that $7 billion was received by over 700,000 international students studying in the U.S.A during the years starting from 2009 to 2010.Si it is not very tough to get into good universities and finance your education, higher education through Scholarships or Financial aid in the USA.

Studying in the USA is definitely a big spending option that you have chosen and you will have to shell out a lot money, but it is definitely a worth while investment as it will lead to a better life in the future.

Here are some stats of the average Tuition Fee for Community and Public Colleges -

Two-year Public Community Colleges: $2,700
Four-year Public Institutions: $19,600
Four-year Private Institutions: $27,300

This is only the Tuition Fee for Colleges in USA.

You can get study loans easily while applying for a University in the USA.

Also Study Under Graduate Abroad.

IIM A Ahmedabad 2011 call getters discussion and Seniors Advice

IIMA Ahmadabad  is a very prestigious institution when it comes to MBA courses after graduation.

There are many reasons for this, some of which may be that the average salary at IIM Ahmedabad is much greater compared to IIM Lucknow, Bangalore and Calcutta.Also the brand name of IIM Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Calcutta is of more value in the international market for MBA graduates.

But within India IIM Ahmedabad too has a really good name, Apart form Lucknow, Bangalore and Calcutta, these institutions too have a great name.

So to meet your fellow IIM Ahmedabad Batch of 2011-2013 please,

You have done a great achievement which 99% of Indian graduates cannot do and that is get into an IIM for MBA.

IIML Lucknow Call getters Discuss your Options and Advice from Seniors.

IIML Lucknow is a very prestigious institution but students seem to prefer IIM A B C that is Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Calcutta  over IIM Lucknow.This has been the recent trend in IIM call getters, those who get in IIM A B C do not usually opt for IIM Lucknow.

There are many reasons for this, some of which may be that the average salary at IIM Lucknow is much lesser compared to IIM Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Calcutta.Also the brand name of IIM Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Calcutta is of more value in the international market for MBA graduates.

But within India IIM Lucknow too has a really good name, Apart form Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Calcutta.

So to meet your fellow IIM Lucknow Batch of 2011-2013 please,

But Still you have done a great achievement which 99% of Indian graduates cannot do and that is get into an IIM for MBA.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CET Karnataka Admit Cards Given out at Colleges Common Entrance Test 2011

CET Karnatka 2011 common entrance test Admit Cards are being given out by your respective colleges from April 19th.You can go to your college and pick up your CET K Admit card by showing proof that the college would have given for your application 2011.

Prepare well with our CET K Questions which are also helpful for the Comded K examination of 2011 Karnataka 2011. CET K questions 2011

Best Of Luck and If you have any questions please comment below and we will try to answer them for you immediately.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 10 IIT's In India - Top Engineering Colleges in India - IIT JEE - Best

Hello Students, here are a list of the top 10 best IIT's or Indian Institute or Technology Engineering Colleges In India.

The list is based on Student preference, Previous year placements, Infrastructure as well as the Rating the college has got by experts.

So here is Top 10 IIT's In India -

IIT Karagpur

IIT Chennai

IIT Delhi

IIT Mumbai

IIT Kanpur

IIT Guwhati

IIT Roorke

IIT Hyderabad

IIT Patna

IIT Bhubaneshwar

Hope it helped Students.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Study Engineering Under Graduate in the United States USA Price SAT

Engineering is what most students now a days pick and they do so, as there is a lot of demand for high quality Engineers around the world.You can study in good engineering courses in American Universities.The advantage of studying in America or the USA is that most of the big Tech firms are based in USA and you can easily get jobs there.

The best colleges in USA are the Ivy League colleges.You can apply to these universities in the United States by applying individually to each one of them.You need to write a n Essay, SAT, TOEFL as well as get recommendation letters from reputed Deans or Teachers.

The Price and Fees or Cost of studies in USA will vary upon the quality of the college.The top colleges charge around 40000 $ a year for tuition alone.
There are colleges that charge as low as 5000$ a year as well.


BASE IIT JEE CET AIEEE Coaching Bangalore Karnataka Centers 2011

BASE - Be Ahead with sustained Excellence.An excellent educational company started by Sir HSN.He has been instrumental in the success of BASE in Karnataka India.

BASE gives out about 60 to 100 IIT JEE achievers each year and a lot more students from BASE top the Karnataka CET and AIEEE examinations.

A lot of Students From BASE also Qualify for BITS examinations.

Here are all the BASE coaching Centers in Karnataka Bangalore.

You can check out other Coaching institutions as well.

We have other Institution Info also.

VIT vellore Institute of Technology Counselling Information 2011 Rank Cut off

VITEEE examination for 2011 just concluded on April 16th 2011.The solutions will not be available until the results which is on may 6th of 2011.Here we have collected some information of VIT Vellore Institute of Technology Counselling dates and information for admissions 2011.

Please follow it up.

You may like other institutions featured here.

IIMC list of Final Selection PGP Gd PI Candidates. Released Results.

IIMC candidates selected for the year 2011 -2013 list has been released by IIMC. These Students as Seen below will recieve a formal letter by IIMC to join them for the years 2011-2013.

Best Of Luck.

Those selected can be happy that they are in the finest Business School in India.
Those who have missed out can try again next year as you can surely do it.You may like our other topics in this Blog.

You can save the photos to view bigger.THIS IS NOT THE COMPLETE LIST, THE COMPLETE LIST IS AT

Sunday, April 17, 2011

CET karnataka 2011 Physics Chemistry Mathematics Questions For Sure!

CET or common entrance test is for sure the most competed exam in Karnantaka and to give you students the edge we have found some Most probable questions that will appear in CET K 2011 and in all subjects too.
Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as Biology.

With these questions you will be able to get at least 30 to 35 marks in CETK without much tension.

So BEST OF LUCK for CETK 2011. Answer These Questions.

There a lot of CET preparation tips and Questions Here in this blog as well.

CET Question Bank

IIML Lucknow 2011 Results name wise Register Number GDPI Final Selection

IIM Lucknow of IIML 2011 final selection for Post Graduates results have been released. The results are for 2011 Batch or new graduates.You may also like our other Topics in this blog.The results are for Post GD PI and CAT 2011.


Your Name here / Roll / Register Number

Your name:

IIM A and B and C results also out 2011.


CAT 2012 get 100 Percentile for Sure.Coaching Tips and Questions FREE

CAT exam is one of the toughest in the world when it comes to logical reasoning and other mental abilities.If you pass this exam, you will get a chance to study in some of the finest Business Schools in the World.

In this blog soon we will put up all the FREE CAT IIM Coaching tips we can and also we will put up as many CAT questions that are probable to appear in 2012 so that you can do well in the Exam.

So return for more.

IIM B Bangalore Gd PI 2011 Results Final Selection Selection List

IIM B is the most prestigious Management Business Schools in India.The 2011 IIM B Gd PI Final Selection List and Results have been released today.You can Check your result here at this blog.We have other IIM CAT topics you may like.

Check your IIM B Final Selection Results here -


Your Name Here -
Your name:

If This did not work, Please Visit IIM C Website For results.

CAT IIM C 2011 Results GD PI After Interview Final selection

IIM C results of Group Discussion and Personal Interview Final Selection List  have been released today  and You can check your IIM C GDPI Final Selection post interview results here - You may be interested some other topics of this website.


Your Name Here -
Your name:

If This did not work, Please Visit IIM C Website For results.

IIM A Ahmedabad results GD PI Released 2011 After Interview CHECK NOW!

IIM A results of Group Discussion and Personal Interview have been released and You can check your IIM A GDPI post interview results here - You may be interested some other topics of this website.


Your Name Here -
Your name:

If This did not work, Please Visit IIM A Website For results.

Best Coaching Classes for CET IIT AIEEE COMEDK Karnataka Bangalore

If you are a student appearing for Karnataka Board Examination second PUC, Common Entrance Test or CET , IIT JEE, AIEEE, COMEDk or Bits, You need to join some coaching or tutorial classes as most of the students will join and you should not be left behind..

So here we have made a list of Best Coaching or Tutorial Institutes for the above mentioned examinations for Karnataka Bangalore, Mysore,Tumkur,Mangalore, Gulbarga Etc -




4)Brilliant Tutorials

5)Universal Academy

You can find some other coaching classes here as well. 

ISAT IIST Entrance examination Student experience 2011 april

ISAT or the IIST Entrance examination was held on the same day as the VITEEE, that is April 16th 2011.The ISAT exam was on the morning of the day and the VITEEE was in the afternoon.

It was clear that some extra coaching was required to clear the ISAT examination.

Many students that our correspondents talked to said the exam wad tougher than IITJEE and hence they felt they had  little chance of qualification to the prestigious College in Kerala.

Previously IIST admissions was based on IIT score, but now they their own Exam.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Download BITS 2011 Admit card Application online Birla Institute

The Admit card for those who have applied for Birla Institute of Technology or BITS 2011 examination which will b conducted online from May 11th to June 3rd can collect the Admit Card for the examination online at

You will be required to have a printer and your Application number ready with you to Download and print the Admit card for the BITS examination 2011.

Best Of Luck.

VITEEE 2011 Exam Solutions Answer Keys And Cut off

The solutions for VITEEE 2011 or Vellore Institute of technology 2011 Entrance exam will be given only on the day of the Results, that is May 6th of 2011, until then we will have to wait for the solutions that will be given by Vellore Institute of Technology Tamil Nadu.

The Cut off for VITEEE out of the 120 questions and 120 marks will be around 60 as we believe the Paper was of moderate difficulty and so the cut off also will be a moderate score.

Best of Luck.

Friday, April 15, 2011

IIT Coaching - Narayana Institute Scholarship test Bangalore

The Narayana Institute IIT Academy India are conducting a Scholarship test for 7th to 10th standard, that is the test is for students currently studying 7th to 10th standard.

The Scholarship exam will be held on 17/4/11 from 10 am to 1 pm.

The Scholarship exam will be held at Frank Public School, JP nagar ( near Sidalingeshwara Theatre)

Contact  8088086005 for more.

IIT JEE Roll Number No. Wise Results 2011 released


Hello Students who have appeared for IIT JEE 2011 at your respective cities.Your Roll Number results can be found out.

Before Checking your results Rank, see what rank you can Expect - IIT Rank Calculator 

For those who are preparing for AIEEE exam Visit - AIEEE FINAL 2011 Questions

For those Who want AIEEE Information at a glance- Important AIEEE Information at a glance

For Those Interested in CAT 2011 IIM Results - CAT 2011 IIM Results

IIT JEE Roll Number Of the Candidate 2011

Enter your Name Here:

Roll Number:
Sorry due to server overload, This feature is unavailable.
If Roll Number wise results are not working check out Name wise Results IIT 2011

IIT JEE Results 2011 Name Wise Released


Hello Students who have appeared for IIT JEE 2011.Your Name wise results can be found out.

Before Checking Rank, see what rank you can Expect - IIT Rank Calculator 

For those who are preparing for AIEEE exam Visit - AIEEE FINAL 2011 Questions

For those Who want AIEEE Information - Important AIEEE Information at a glance

For Those Interested in CAT 2011 IIM Results - CAT 2011 IIM Results

IIT JEE Name Of the Candidate 2011

Enter your Name Here:
Your name:
Sorry, Due to server overload, this feature is unavailable.

If name wise results are not working check out Roll number or Register Number wise Results IIT 2011

Subscribe -

Results appear as soon as released.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best Books To read for IIT JEE, CET and AIEEE VIT Best Authors

Hello students, today we will recommend to you some very good study material for the Competitive entrance exams such as IIT JEE, Common Entrance Test and AIEEE, Vellore Institute of Technology or VIT.So that you can purchase those books and study well and do well in the respective examinations that you take up.

So the Best Reading Study material Books of text for IIT JEE -

Physics -

Principles Of Physics - Serwey and Jewwet

Comprehensive Physics


JPNP Chemistry

Comprehensive Chemistry

Mathematics -

Macmillan Publication IIT book.

Comprehensive mathematics

For AIEEE as well, the same Books as IIT are good enough to make you achieve great scores in Aieee.

Books for Common entrance test Karnataka  -

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics - Bosco and MES

Hope it helped, soon we will give out the best reference books for CBSE and ISC 12Th standard as well as the Second PUC books.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AIEEE Secret Tips and Important Questions Online 2011 2012

AIEEE exam is as tough as the IIT JEE exam and hence you need to prepare very well.Here we will give some Secret tricks and tips of cracking AIEEE easily especially for Mathematics and Physics.Many of the Institutions do not give out these tips as they feel they may not be much useful, but definitely they are useful and you can get some 15 to 20 marks more using these techniques.

First of all, In Mathematics when any Question of Trigonometry comes with Theta value or Angle values, then always substitute the answers and check them for correctness.

In Physics when n is used in Question and you need to find n, substitute the values of N and check for correctness instead of solving.

When you do not know 4 question in a row, you can mark all of them same option. This is safe as at least one of them may be correct, if you are lucky more than one may be correct.

Important questions will be soon put up here, Subscribe to our feeds for them. 

Best Preparation for CAT exam IIM. TIME Academy 2012

The best preparation for CAT exam or the Common Entrance Exam is TIME institute for CAT IIM coaching.
They teach you all the details however little or big and make you get prepared 100% for the CAT exam. So the TIME institute is what I would suggest you to Join if you aspire to become a IIM or Indian Institute of management Student.

TIME provides Weekend classes for about one year programs and they will be extremely helpful for all students who take up the course.They discuss really important as well as trivial questions each day.

TIME also gives Free GD  PI coaching for those who pass the Qualification CAT exam. So when are you going to Join TIME?

Study abroad Under Graduate from India? Study in USA

Hello Indian Students, Many of you might be wondering where to join college next year as most of you will be in your 10+2 year and will want to join good colleges obviously.

So have you decided yet? Why not go abroad for a Good education in USA or Australia or Europe?
They have some wonderful colleges there and have Campuses that we in India can only dream of, but all this comes with a Price, A Heavy fee and there are not many scholarships for under Graduate level either.

To get into any of these Foreign Institutions such a Columbia, NYU, Harvard, Stanford or Pardeu  Universities you will need a good 10+2 Score from a reputed School, a Good TOEFL and SAT scores as well.You will also need two or three recommendation letters from reputed teachers an professionals in the Education Industry.Also you will need to write a couple of really good essays and then hope you get selected.

Hope this helped.

IIT and IIM graduates are 50% of CEO's in India - Highly Paid Professionals

In India education is the most important thing and due to this fact, all parents make their children go to a lot of coaching classes and Educational institutions even for Post Graduation courses and masters courses.This culture seems to have benefited a lot of Indian Companies in the Private and Public Sector as well as the Government of India.

A recent study shows that More than 50% of all MNC or Indian Companies in India have CEO's either from IIT or IIM institutions. This shows what a great impact these two institutions are having on the Economy and development of India as a super power.

These CEO's are highly paid individuals and are highly talented and skilled workers as well!So there is no liability in paying them so much money.

Subscribe to our feeds.

CAT IIM A C 2011 GDPI Ahmadabad Calcutta Results Released Kolkata

All CAT exam aspirants who have passed the CAT IIM written round of examination were called for interviews by the different IIM or Indian Institute of Management Schools such as Kozhikode, Kolkata , Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Indore, Shillong, Jharkand Etc are going to release the results soon this month of April.
The Results are for Personal Interview and Group Discussion
We will provide you the results as soon as it is released hence Subscribe to our feeds now, the results are expected in the next week.

For IIM A and IIM C the result dates have been released,

For IIM A the result date is 18th April.

For IIM C the result date is 20th April.

Be sure to Subscribe to our feeds for immediate Results sent right to you. Good Luck MBA aspirants.


Calculate IIT rank by Expected Marks IIT 2011 - Estimated Cut off

IIT exam just got over and i am sure you would like to know how you stand, so here is a table for estimating or calculating your IIT rank for the Year 2011

IITJEE 2011 Rank Estimator or Calculator

General Merit                                                OBC Category
Rank Marks                                             Rank Aggregate Marks
1 426                                                            1 413
501 304                                                        101 282
1001 275                                                      201 260
1501 264                                                      301 244
2001 247                                                      401 231
2501 238                                                      501 223
3001 231                                                      601 216
3501 221                                                      701 210
4001 212                                                      801 204
4501 210                                                      901 199
5001 202                                                      1001 194
5501 200                                                      1101 190
6001 194                                                      1201 186
6501 190                                                      1301 181
7000 187                                                      1401 177
7501 184                                                      1501 174
8001 179                                                      1601 171
8295 178                                                      1701 167
                                                                     1801 164
                                                                     1901 161
                                                                     1930 155


Common Merit List
Aggregate Marks
OBC Category
Aggregate Marks
SC Category
Aggregate Marks
ST Category
Aggregate Marks
PD Category
Aggregate Marks
89 For more On IIT JEE
What Marks are you expecting in your 10+2 Board Examinations? Join The Forum and Discuss with others

Monday, April 11, 2011

Second PUC 2011 Results Released Today

Hello Students, the Second PUC results will be release on 5th may of 2011, the day for the Results is late due to the protests held by the Teachers over their own demands and hence the correction and evaluation process has been delayed and hence the date is also a little longer than we thought it would be, so please be patient and May god bless you.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to prepare for COMEDK tips, Fees structure 2011 Format and Blueprint

COMEDK is an exam for entrance into private engineering colleges in Karnataka held by the COMEDK board that sees to the needs of Private colleges in Karnataka.

COMEDK is a KCET level exam or an KCET equivalent exam but one difference being that the Second PUC exam results are not counted while giving out the final rank list, this is the only way the exam differs from KCET.

COMEDK is usually thought of as the exam mostly for the Well off families as the fees for one year through COMEDK for any college in Karnataka is 1.5 lakh compared to 30 or 40 thousand through KCET.

You can check out the COMEDK application as well as Important Questions which will be put up by us later this week, which will include most likely questions to be asked, so Please Subscribe to our feeds.

Vellore institute of technology VIT entrance exam format questions preparation tips

VIT examination to be held on 16th April 2011 for the admission into Vellore Institute of Technology in Vellore Tamil Nadu is an exam that not many are familiar with, many students just apply and go for the examination without knowing what to expect in the examination. This is a very bad practice done by many students, remember, VIT has been ranked above NIT surathkal in the best colleges in India for Engineering. Vellore Institute of technology has a lot of big awards to its name and hence is a good college to opt for.

So you as students need to be prepared for this examination.So here we will give you some good information on the coveted examination.

The Exam is similar to Karnataka CET and will be about the same standard of questions, which is very easy compared to IIT JEE and AIEEE or even BITS examinations. So your KCET or your respective Common Entrance test preparation will hold you in good standing.

The format of the examination cannot be predicted as it may change each year.

IIT JEE 2011 Question Paper Format Blueprint Marks Negetive

Here are the pictures of the IIT JEE 2011 Question paper format and how marks are alloted for each section of questions for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The sections are same for all the subjects.There will be two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. This was the format of IIT JEE 2011 and it may change each year, but this year this is how the blueprint looked like.
So hope its helpful for you students.

You can use these photos on your site, but you need to link back to us.

IIT JEE 2011 exam experience by students

The students today came out of their respective examination halls from all over the city in jubilation as they felt the exam was quite easy compared to the other previous year papers which they had solved prior to the examination today April 10th 2011.

Our team of interviewers were about all over the city and asked the students what they felt about the exam, the general reply was that it was easy, especially Physics and Chemistry whereas math was a little tough as usual.

Many Students without formal coaching for IIT JEE were also pretty happy with their effort during the IIT JEE examination.

The students of institutions such as BASE and ACE are expected to top the Karnataka Results of this years IIT JEE examination like always. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

IIT JEE 2011 Examination Question Papers Solved Answer Keys.

Hey all IIT JEE aspirants 0f 2011, You would have just written your IIT JEE few days back and are probably looking for the Answer keys to check your answers.

So do not worry check back here soon as we are preparing an excellent Answer solutions for each question in Physics Chemistry and mathematics for IIT JEE 2011 and will put it up here soon.

So please Come Back for the answer and keys.