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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 10 IIT's In India - Top Engineering Colleges in India - IIT JEE - Best

Hello Students, here are a list of the top 10 best IIT's or Indian Institute or Technology Engineering Colleges In India.

The list is based on Student preference, Previous year placements, Infrastructure as well as the Rating the college has got by experts.

So here is Top 10 IIT's In India -

IIT Karagpur

IIT Chennai

IIT Delhi

IIT Mumbai

IIT Kanpur

IIT Guwhati

IIT Roorke

IIT Hyderabad

IIT Patna

IIT Bhubaneshwar

Hope it helped Students.


  1. What is the basis of this rating given? Well established colleges with very old track record are not found in the list of first 50 engg. colleges. It only creats doubts in the minds whether these ratings are also manipulated to attract more money?

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  3. kyaa ...iitg iitr ke upar

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