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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AIEEE Secret Tips and Important Questions Online 2011 2012

AIEEE exam is as tough as the IIT JEE exam and hence you need to prepare very well.Here we will give some Secret tricks and tips of cracking AIEEE easily especially for Mathematics and Physics.Many of the Institutions do not give out these tips as they feel they may not be much useful, but definitely they are useful and you can get some 15 to 20 marks more using these techniques.

First of all, In Mathematics when any Question of Trigonometry comes with Theta value or Angle values, then always substitute the answers and check them for correctness.

In Physics when n is used in Question and you need to find n, substitute the values of N and check for correctness instead of solving.

When you do not know 4 question in a row, you can mark all of them same option. This is safe as at least one of them may be correct, if you are lucky more than one may be correct.

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