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Friday, April 22, 2011

How to concentrate to Study better well for long hours time?

You guys may have had trouble in concentrating for long hours while studying for important exams, this will definitely affect you in an adverse way and you may result in low marks or grades in your exams.You need to overcome this and concentrate hard to do well in exams, so what can you do about it?How to concentrate while studying for long hours?How to be able to sit in front of your books for a long period of time?You need helo with these study topics as you need to do well in whatever exam it may be that you are taking up.

So How to concentrate to Study better?

1)Study in short intervals of time, may be like 30 minutes to 45 minutes.Then take a small break of 15 minutes, do what you like during that time, watch TV, Play Music and play games.

2)Play each day and get exercise for at least 1 hour a day to get your body in order as well as keep your mind fresh.

3)Take deep breathes while you feel bored while reading and continue reading.

4)Writ while reading something, write all the important points, this will keep you up and interested for longer.

5)Relate to things you like.Relate whatever you are studying to the things that you lie to do and you will study better with concentration for longer.

Hope these tips helped you.


  1. yaaa thats absolutely rite

  2. i will definetly do it and i think these tips will definetly help me.


  3. yo points are awesome!. . .im gonna try it ryt nw! lets c the results :-) -bharathan (velammal engineering coll)


  5. hope dis will work for me.! rush.!!

  6. get lost bloody matherchod maki chut teri