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Monday, May 16, 2011

TOEFL Exam Student Experience and Coaching Tips Study tricks English

Here are a list of Students that we talked to and read what they had to say about TOEFL Scores, TOEFL coaching classes and basic fundamental tips for taking up the TOEFL Examination.

Carlos Diego Said -
I'll do toefl test next friday. I've really studied in order to get a good score. I know that I won't get a good score in the speaking section (19, it'd be good for me) but I think that the other 3 sections will have to be so good.

Thai Quintal Said-
As a required documentation on the test day I need my passport and a copy of TOEFL registration confirmation. This is clear to me and I get it, but do I need to print it alone or should order a Printed Copy of a TOEFL Registration Bulletin from USA? That is the only thing that is confusing me. Should I just print information from my Ticket Confirmation and take it with myself to the test center? Is that enough? I'm taking TOEFL on Saturday, May 14th in Sarajevo, and I'm a little bit nervous. This will be my first time to take TOEFL, and I'm doing everything alone, there's no one to help me.

Iqbal Jacob-
Usually my speaking is very good, my American friend told me that I speak perfect English and perfect American accent, but at the test center where I had to go there were no cabins, and everyone was sitting next to each other distracting each other, because in the given moment somebody had to do listening part, somebody else speaking, sb else reading or writing. I could hardly concentrate :( There was a guy from Egypt who said that when he had to take TOEFL two years ago in Cairo, everyone had their own cabins and no one could distract you. The only part I'm totally satisfied with is writing, my essay... I am so afraid that I won't pass it.

Jane Le Blanc Said-
I passed the TOEFL test :) Now I wish the best of luck to everyone out there who is taking it.

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