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Monday, May 16, 2011

How to get into Harvard Law School? Ask Experts and Students Experience

How to get into Harvard Law School? A question that has boggled the minds of many a professor and and many a bright Law Students, but I feel to get into law schools such as Harvard, you need to know what those who already got into Harvard Law School did, to get into a LLM or LLB Course at such a huge Law School.
So I asked a few people who have gotten into Law Schools like Harvard or are wanting to get in to Law Schools like Harvard, Here is their experience and stories.

This is what Rahul Ramesh Had to say-
I'm interested in knowing how I can enter Harvard Law School. Do you have any ideas that could work. I"m looking forward to being coached on this.Wishing you well as you continue to make a fantastic contribution.

Amy said, although she could probably get into harvard Law School, the Tuition and other Fees and Expenses were too much.
Tuition: $32,896
Room & Board: $14,183
Health Insurance Fees: $2,830
Books & Supplies: $1,904
Misc. Personal Expenses: $3,177

This is what Kylie Zen had to ask-
Hey guys I need some info on LLM in UK.Please could someone guide me as to is it worth doing it from there?? are there job opportunities after I finish my LLM there??

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