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Monday, June 27, 2011

University of Hyderabad 2011 Called For Interview Results

The Recently Held University of Hyderabad examinations have finally been evaluated and the results have been released as to who have been called for the Interview of Various branches as stated below.

I.M.Sc. Optometry & Vision Sciences

I.M.Sc. Nursing Sciences

I.M.Sc. Health Psychology

M.Sc. Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

M.Sc. Statistics - OR

M.Sc. Physics

M.Sc. Health Psychology

M.P.A. Dance (KU/BH/FO)

M.P.A. Theatre Arts

M.F.A. Painting / Print Making / Sculpture

M.F.A. Art History

M.A. Communication (CM/PN/TR)

M.B.A. Health Care & Hospital Management

Adv.PG.Dip. Mineral Exploration

PG.Dip. Counseling Psychology

PG.Dip. Health Fitness & Life Style Management

M.Phil. English

M.Phil. Philosophy

M.Phil. Hindi

M.Phil. Telugu

M.Phil. Urdu

M.Phil. Applied Linguistics

M.Phil. Translation Studies

M.Phil. Comparative Literature

M.Phil. Shabdabodha Systems & Language Technologies

M.Phil. Economics

M.Phil. History

M.Phil. Political Science

M.Phil. Sociology

M.Phil. Anthropology

M.Phil. Regional Studies

M.Phil. Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy

M.Phil. Neural and Cognitive Science

M.Phil. Gender Studies

M.Phil. Indian Diaspora

M.Tech. Computational Techniques

M.Tech. Integrated Circuit Technology

M.Tech. Bioinformatics

M.Tech. Mineral Exploration

M.Tech./Ph.D. Nano Sciences & Technology

M.Tech./Ph.D. Materials Engineering

M.Sc./Ph.D. Biotechnology

Ph.D. Mathematics

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics

Ph.D. Statistics - OR

Ph.D. Computer Science

Ph.D. Physics

Ph.D. Electronics Science

Ph.D. Chemistry

Ph.D. Biochemistry

Ph.D. Plant Sciences

Ph.D. Animal Sciences

Ph.D. Biotechnology

Ph.D. English

Ph.D. Philosophy

Ph.D. Hindi

Ph.D. Telugu

Ph.D. Urdu

Ph.D. Applied Linguistics

Ph.D. Translation Studies

Ph.D. Comparative Literature

Ph.D. Sanskrit Studies

Ph.D. Economics

Ph.D. History

Ph.D. Political Science

Ph.D. Sociology

Ph.D. Anthropology

Ph.D. Regional Studies

Ph.D. Folk Culture Studies

Ph.D. Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy

Ph.D. Indian Diaspora

Ph.D. Science Technology & Society Studies

Ph.D. Human Rights

Ph.D. Gandhian Economic Thought

Ph.D. Dance

Ph.D. Theatre Arts

Ph.D. Communication

Ph.D. Management Studies

Ph.D. Materials Engineering

Ph.D. Nano Science & Technology

Ph.D. Medical Sciences

Ph.D. Earth and Space Sciences


Ph.D. Psychology

Ph.D. Neural and Cognitive Science

Ph.D. Gender Studies

Ph.D. Buddhist Studies

Ph.D. High Performance Computing

For The Selected Candidates for Interview of University Of Hyderabad 2011

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